About Us

With 25 plus years of experience in the home services industry, we wanted to challenge the outdated, wasteful ways home services have been provided. We first saw how inefficient the bidding process was for both customers and service providers (contractors) and the costs incurred. Our idea to solve that issue was with PhotoEstimate, our online bidding system that utilizes photographs to reduce the costs and amount of trips service providers had to make. Seeing that the bid was only the start of the process in getting jobs completed, we created an online turnkey solution for the market that included the ability to bid, hire, evaluate, refer and share your home projects. bizbuzz is an online marketplace, a problem solver to getting your home projects done efficiently in a simple and easy manner and best of all, the power and control remains with the customers and service providers.

bizbuzz is not AboutUs it’s AboutYou. You the customer and You the service provider both benefit from the bizbuzz marketplace.

You the customer receive value by:

  • Being able to bid, hire, evaluate, refer and share your home projects
  • Communicating with social groups for buying power and discounts
  • Storing your valuable home information in a centralize location
  • Supporting your local businesses and improving your community

You the service provider receive value by:

  • Bidding jobs more efficiently and reducing your costs
  • Growing your business with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Utilizing technology without making any monetary investment
  • Keeping control of your jobs and customers

bizbuzz empowers everyone. Spread the message/buzz.

bizbuzz and our Environment

We can all agree that less traffic and reducing the amount of gas is good for everyone. Here are some numbers to help you better understand the role you can play to make this happen and resolving these problems.

There are over 130 million households in the United States with approximately 8 million service providers who make more than 3 trips a day to bid jobs. That’s 25 million trips to do bids that on average, use 2 gallons of gas and 2 hours of time (can these type of bids really be free? or, is this inefficient practice an expense that is added to my invoice?). You can calculate the total gallons of gas, that’s 50 million gallons a day or approximately 10 billion gallons a year out of 130 plus billion gallons consumed annually in the US.

Using bizbuzz you now have the ability to make an impact to your community.

Ask yourself:

  • How many trucks can I take off the roads?
  • How many hours of time can I save?
  • How many gallons of gas can I reduce?
  • How can I better care for my home?

Our mandate is to continually challenge the way home services are acquired and provided through technology driven innovation.

Confidential: bizbuzz LLC, 2013