Frequently Asked Questions

What is bizbuzz?

bizbuzz is an efficient marketplace for communities that will provide quality services at competitive prices while reducing risks. A community marketplace that will empower both customers and service providers and enable our goal of Simple Living- Easy Fixes

Who is bizbuzz?

Were a group of service providers, all with 20 plus years of experience, who saw an opportunity to improve the homecare services market through the use of technology while not giving control over to another organization.

How do photographs help?

It has often been said, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs can greatly improve the bidding process and help service providers showcase their workmanship. Also, photos are valuable for inventory purposes, having the ability to store the information in the MyHome section of bizbuzz. Utilizing photographs will drive efficiency by reducing the amount of physical trips a service provider needs to make just to see the job.

What services can I get through my community marketplace on bizbuzz?

Any service associated with improving the structure of where you live or work.

Is my data protected?

Yes, for detailed information regarding the bizbuzz privacy policy, click here

How does bizbuzz enable a green environmental initiative?

By eliminating unnecessary trips by service providers to provide estimates/bids and other tasks. Studies show that an estimate/bid requires on average two gallons of gasoline and two hours of time. Through the use of bizbuzz, most of these looky-see trips can be eliminated and thus reduce the costs associated with inefficient business practices.

Why would I use a mobile app?

To be able to access the bizbuzz network anywhere at anytime.

What's the geographic coverage of bizbuzz?

Eventually it will be anywhere and everywhere. The success of bizbuzz is dependant on customers and service providers registering so there is a balance to support the demand with supply. The incentive to spread virally is apart of the bizbuzz strategy with the ability to earn loyalty points and referral bucks.

How is bizbuzz different from an online recommendation service?

bizbuzz is a marketplace that offers turnkey services, where a customer can bid, hire, evaluate and share their information with their social communities. bizbuzz is FREE to use and the service provider/contractor is always in control

Are all service providers licensed?

We highly recommend that you check with your state laws and regulations. For instance, in California any business performing construction work that totals $500 dollars or more in labor and materials must be licensed by the California State License Board. If a consumer wants a service provider to have a license, be bonded or have a certain certificate, then they must state the requirements when creating their job.

How can I increase the value of my home?

Buyers will appreciate the diligent care you take in maintaining your home and you'll be able to provide the records to show when and how tasks were completed.

Why should I register?

bizbuzz is a simple and easy way to maintain and improve your home and you can earn recognition points by getting other customers and service providers to register and Referral Bucks for making referrals to your friends.

How much does it cost?

Free! Service Provider/Contractor pays a $15 fee to accept a referral job and a very low price to advertise their business with coupons and JumpOnCoupons.

How do I rise on the bizbuzz Leader Board?

By recommending other people to join. You will earn three (3) points for every customer you get to join and five (5) points for every service provider you get to join. Just go to, "Invite Friends" and and start inviting.

What are the levels of recognition on the bizbuzz Leader Board?

50 points - Star, 100 points - Leader, 250 points - Captain

What is a referral?

It's when you recommend a service provider to another customer and that customer hires the service provider that you recommended.

What is an Emergency/Safety Plan?

It's a plan of action on how to deal with different emergencies and stored in the "cloud" for easy access.

What is a Preferred Service Provide, PSPr?

A "special" designation obtained by service providers/businesses to be members of specific communities. PSPs benefit by receiving exclusive project notifications from fellow community members.

Why should I join or start a community?

Everyone regards a recommendation from a community of known people much higher than an anonymous source. Mitigate your risks by going with information you trust and furthermore, get additional discount opportunities by utilizing the bizbuzz purchase power option and share similar job tasks with your communities. To start a community, log-in to you're account, click on Communities located on the menu bar and then click "create community".

What is a JumpOnCoupon?

A JumpOnCoupon is an offer by a business to a customer that is valid only for that day. It's a method that enables businesses to alert potential customers (similar to a mobile push notification) that they have available time or goods.

What is an hAlert?

hAlert stands for home alert, it's preloaded information (entry access, pets, medication, contact numbers) that you want Emergency Responders to have in case they should have to go to your home. Free service for all, make sure your local Emergency Responders sign up for the service.

What is a Perk?

Preferred Service Providers, PSPs, provide a promotion or discount to fellow community members.